Our estate is located in the center west of San Juan province, by the foothills of the Andes mountain range

Our clay loam soils are of Quaternary origin and have slightly alkaline pH and good depth. This allows roots to reach all the way down and have better chances to take in nutrients, even when the soils are poor.

They have a low content of organic matter, which allows each variety to express itself more fully and highlights the typicity of the area.

The climate is warm temperate, continental (with a broad thermal range) and arid (with precipitations below 100 mm / 3.94 in per year). Under these climate conditions, vine growing is naturally organic and free from pests and diseases.

We manage our vineyard sustainably and respect the soil and environmental conditions

Dry winds prevail most of the year; they are mild and pleasant and help maintain vineyard health.

We irrigate with meltwaters lodged in water tables more than 150 m / 490 ft below the surface, available in good quantity and quality and free from mineral contamination. We use drip irrigation to optimize efficiency in water resource use. All in all, we enjoy optimal conditions to grow grapes and make wines with unique features, both typical and natural.