As a winemaker, I am guided by the conviction that the best raw materials, the utmost care in every process from vine to wine, the latest technology, and the most minimal oenological intervention can only lead to excellence in the final product.

The conceptual design of our wines is based on the goal to make natural products by strictly selecting the raw materials to be used and personally following up on the entire winemaking, bottling, and aging processes.


Malbec 2021


Malbec 2020


Chardonnay 2021


Blend 2019

We own 40 hectares of vineyards, all in the process of becoming organic certified. The rest of the raw materials comes from strategic associate producers located in the main valleys of San Juan, namely Zonda, Calingasta, and Pedernal.

Both the irrigation system in our vineyards and the energy supply of the winery are powered by a solar energy plant, the largest of its kind in Argentina, exclusively set up for such use within the premises of our estate.

We have all the tools, experience, and capacity to produce great wines.